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Drive Coupling

Drive Coupling

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By using drive couplings a connection is made between the driving element such as an electromotor, and the pump. Drive couplings also known as shaft couplings are often used in combination with a bell housing. Findynamica has a complete range of drive couplings for powers ranging from 0,18 to 132 kW available from stock.

HRC couplings consist of two halves with a star-shaped rubber unit in the centre. This is an excellent all-round coupling which is able to adapt to some imbalances.

The HRC couplings are available pilot bored and bored for taperlock bushes in order to allow maximum flexibility in the choice of shaft diameters. The HRC couplings can be used at temperatures from -40 degrees to +100 degrees.

HRC couplings are easy to use and are stocked bored for taperlock bushes. As a result, they are easy to install and remove. In case of breakdowns, a new coupling can be installed quickly as it does not have to be bored to dimensions. You only have to choose the taperlock bushes for the shaft diameters on which to install the coupling.

HRC couplings are used in industry in all situations where two shafts are to be connected.