HTD Timing Belt Pulley

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Standard HTD Timing Pulley Options
We carry a number of standard pulleys to meet most applications needs. Our standard timing pulleys include:
1/5″ Pitch XL Series
L Series, 3/8 Pitch Timing Pulley
5mm Pitch HTD Timing Pulley
8mm Pitch HTD Timing Pulley
Powergrip GT2 Timing Pulley

If one of our standard pulleys doesn’t meet your project or applications specifications, we are able to modify one of our standard timing belt pulleys to meet your specifications. We are also able to walk you through the process of designing, sampling, and producing a fulling custom option.

·        Unique tooth shape provides no slippage, like there is with flat belts
·        Small, light drives
·        Minimal belt tension required to prevent slippage
·        Minimal backlash
·        No lubrication required – easy to maintain
·        Energy savings