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Youwinn International

Youwinn International is an off-shore procurement outsourcing company, dedicating to large OEMs, wholesalers and distributors in North America for various industries. We ensure reliable, profitable and quality services through client-considering approach and industry-leading strategies in order to earn the reputation and trust from the client; We strive to be the best in offering off-shore importing services to North America, including product sourcing & designing, production auditing, Inspection, Logistics, culture-integration (Cross-barrier) and more importantly, we provide as much better quality as we can, but not the lowest price, while we offer a better solution to your business and great potential for future development.

Email us at: [email protected]
Add.: 2345 Rue de Gentilly Ouest, Longueuil, QC J4J 5H2 Canada

Direct line: (514)667-5372
IP phone: (416) 848-1542
Mobile phone: (514)701-1518

China Best Sales Roller Chain Coupling Sprocket Chain Coupling for Industry Transmission

Product Description Product Description Product name Chain coupling Material Carbon steel material Structure Roller chain+sprocket+cover Size KC3012, KC4012, KC4014, KC4016, KC5014, KC5016, KC5018, KC6018, KC6571, KC6571, KC8018, KC8571, KC8571, KC1571, KC12018, KC12571, KC16018, KC16571, KC20018, KC20571, KC24026 Other type Flexible coupling Application Shaft transmission Feature High...

China high quality CZPT Final Drive 700 701 703 705 706 707 709 709c 710 711 713 715 716 Gearbox best automatic gearbox

Product Description CHINAMFG 709C 709C3BF 709C3B30F097H2LTMH F40 F55 F80 F100 F130 F180 F220 F260 F280 F340 F360 F420 F440 F 613 615, and 717 travel drive final drive Planetary O&K Antriebstechnik Bonfiglioli Drives and gearbox for Construction Equipment applications When it comes to advanced modular powertrain components, O&K Antriebstechnik is acknowledged to be foremost. Decades of...

China Custom Helical Bevel Gearbox Helical Couping Helical Gear Box planetary gearbox

Product Description Features 1.Wide transmission rate, strong output torque 2.Compact mechanical structure, light weight, small volume&Good heat-dissipating 3.Smooth operation with lower noise or vibration 4.Easy mounting, free linking, high efficiency 5.Upto 96% transmission efficiency 5. PERFECT  SUBSTITUDE FOR  SEW AND TRANSTECNO  PRODUCTS  Applications...


YWEP® is a trading company basically but we want to be unique and specific in this area. Our strong and close work with China manufacturers provides a fundamental base to our clients and our network connects extensively to the OEMs and large distributors all over the world, keeping us competitive and efficient with updated products and technology within various industries. We strive to be the most effective out-sourcing company in between North America and China. We sincerely invite and encourage you to try our services.

YWEP® can also help American OEMs develop overseas distribution markets especially in China and Asia. We will help you go through the complexity of international trade by overcoming the political and cultural barriers in order to expand your business with minimizing risks and lower costs. YWEP® deals with an extent of quality OEMs cross the world and knows how to design the mechanism and will find the right equipment for your project. We work with OEMs to offer warranty services after overseas sale.