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YWEP’s service staff will answer your questions 24*7. We have new product updates every day. The philosophy of YWEP is innovation. If you need customized products. Please contact us to provide better solutions for your business. The quality we provide belongs to world-class quality, and our price can satisfy all customers.

We are committed to providing quality large OEMs for various industries.


Planetary Gear Transmission

Inline Planeyary Gearbox

Epicyclic Reduction Gear

Planetary Gear Box

Planetary Track Drive

Planetary Gear Set

Precision Planetary Gearbox

Inline Planetary Gear Reducer

Small Planetary Gearbox

What we do

We value your business culture and needs and always strive to extend your scope with respect to your existing process and beliefs, and to deliver you with considerable and evident results in terms of coast-saving, facilitation, simplicity, and efficiency. Our goal is to make the out-sourcing or procurement process easier and customised to your special requirements to maximize your growth and profit.


Our Value, Vision and Mission

We value in gathering the trust of customers by value & competition-driven services. Our aim stands on respecting clients’ culture; maintaining the balance between lucrative and value-added industry; our priority order is: Top notch Technology, Better Quality, Relative Low Cost.Our passion leads to making our clients more efficient, less trouble-solving, tech-driven and convenience; We aim to foster our client off-shore sourcing habits and benefit them with maximum profit by integrating innovative solution and advanced technology and method for securer, easier and controlled processing.We are consistently guided by the core principles of strategic partnership with our clients, delivering innovative ideas, higher quality, competitively low cost, and maintaining prosperity for both parties.