Industrial Conveyor Welded Bend Chain

Industrial Conveyor Welded Bend Chain

Chain no. Pitch P (mm) Outer diameter of bushing d1 (max.) mm Diameter of pin d2 (mm) Height of sidebar h2 (max.) (mm) Inner width of narrow conclude b1 (max.) (mm) Outer width of slender stop b2 (max.) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (max.) (mm) Tensile toughness Q (min.) (KN) Weight for every meter q (kg/m)
WH78 66.27 22.23 twelve.7 28.4 28.4 fifty one 6.4 a hundred and fifty 5.nine
DWR78 66.27 21.two 14.28 32 28.four 51 6.four 130 six.4
DWH78 sixty six.27 21.two 14.28 32 28.4 fifty one six.four a hundred and seventy 6.four
WR78B sixty six.27 22.two 12.7 28.four 28.6 51 6.4 93.4 5.9
WR78H 66.27 twenty five.4 fourteen.27 32 25.4 fifty one nine.5 127 12.7
WH78H 66.27 25.4 14.24 32 twenty five.four fifty one 9.five 158 12.7
WH78C sixty six.27 22.five 28.4 28.six fifty two.3 7 180 7.1
WR78SS 66.27 21.two twelve.7 28.four 28 fifty two.three seven 85 7.1
WR82 seventy eight.1 27 fourteen.29 32 44 fifty seven 6.four 93.four 5.8
WR82R twenty five.4 fourteen.29 32 44 57 6.4 a hundred and fifty five.75
WR82X 78.1 31.seventy eight 19.05 38.1 fifty.fifteen sixty.three 9.5 169 15.6

chain no. pitch P (mm) Outer diameter of bushing d1 (max.) (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (max.) (mm) Height of sidebar h2 (max.) (mm) Interior width of slim conclude b1 (max.) (mm) Outer width of narrow finish b2 (max.) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (max.) (mm) Tensile power Q (min.) (KN) Weight for every meter q (kg/m)
WHX124 101.six 36.five 19.05 forty one.three 70 9.five 224.6 twelve.6
WHX124(H) a hundred and one.6 36.5 19.05 forty one.3 70 nine.five 224.six 12.six
WHX132 153.sixty seven forty four.forty five twenty five.twenty five fifty.eight seventy seven.1 111.seventy six twelve.7 378 20.5
WHX132(H) 153.67 44.45 twenty five.25 fifty.8 111.seventy six 378 twenty.five
WHX150 153.67 44.45 twenty five.25 63.5 111.76 398 24.5
WHX150(H) 153.67 44.45 twenty five.25 63.five 111.76 398 24.five
WHX155 153.sixty seven 44.forty five 28.42 63.5 seventy three.six 111.twenty five 14.27 411
WHX155(H) 153.67 forty four.forty five 28.42 63.five seventy three.6 111.25 14.27 411 27.7
WHX157 153.sixty seven forty four.forty five 28.52 63.5 seventy six.4 117.35 15.88 552 29.1
WHX157(H) 153.sixty seven 44.45 28.fifty two 63.five seventy six.four 117.35 15.88 552
WHX124P 103.two 44.45 25.twenty five 50.eight 38.1 seventy six.two 12.7 378 27.nine
WR124R one hundred and one.6 36.5 19.05 41.three 70 nine.5 169 12.6
WHX111 120.9 36.five 19.05 38.1 57.fifteen 84.8 9.five 224.6 eleven.9

SMCC roller chain is one particular of the most broadly used and welcome goods in the industry. Its constant progressive development is suited to be the answers for several conditions, common roller chains, motorcycle driving chain, O-ring motorbike chain, high energy roller chain, conveyor chains, agricultural driving chain, galvanized chain, nickel-plated chain, lubrication-free of charge chain and oilfield chain and so on.
Our SMCC chain was created by equipment processing from raw materials to concluded products and a complete established of high quality tests gear. Mechanical processing tools consist of grinding equipment, substantial speed punching equipment, milling devices, substantial speed automatic rolling and assembling equipment. Heat treatment method was processed by ongoing mesh belt conveyor furnace, mesh belt conveyor annealing furnace, YWINd central management method of warmth treatment method, rotary furnace for chain ingredient heat treatment, which ensure the balance and consistency of the important function of chain parts.
We are the ideal suppliers of Chinese greatest palletizing robotic enterprises. These objects are tough good quality with inexpensive rates, exchange of Japan chains, Quebec chains exported to Europe, America, Asia and other nations around the world and regions.

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Industrial Conveyor Welded Bend Chain