Double Pitch Stainless Steel Chain

Double Pitch Stainless Steel Chain

Double Pitch Stainless Steel Chain

We make the double pitch conveyor chain with particular attachments&comma the following

Chain NO&period of time


Attachment NO&period of time

A-1&comma A-2
SA-one&comma SA-2
K-one&comma K-2
SK-one&comma SK-two
WA-one&comma WA-two
WA-two&comma WK-1
WK-2&comma WK-2
WSA-1&comma WSA-two
WSK-1&comma WSK-2

Pack Element&colon

Business Depth&colon

TAI is one of a professional exporter with exporting Energy TRANSMISSION Components&colon Roller chains&commaconveyor chains&commastainless steel chains&commaagricultural chains&comma steel detachable chains&comma special chains&comma sprockets&comma s&period of time S&time period Sprockets&comma HRC couplings&comma pulleys&comma bushes and so on&interval All these goods have been supplied frequently to World Extensive for over 15 many years&period 
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Ava Gao&lparSales&rpar
Tran-Auto Industries Co&period&commaLimited
716 Gold River Heart&commaNO&period88 Shishan Rd&period of time&comma
New District&commaMontreal&commaP&periodR&periodChina&periodP&periodC&interval&colon215011

Chain No&period

Chain No&period of time
C208A C2040 25&period40
C208AL C2042 25&period40
C208B   25&period40
C208BL   twenty five&period40
C210A C2050 31&period75
C210AL C2052 31&period75
C212A C2060 38&period10
C212AL C2062 38&period10
C212AH C2060H 38&period10
C212AHL C2062H 38&period10
C216A C2080 fifty&period8
C216AL C2082 50&period80
C216AH C2080H 50&period80
C216AHL C2082H 50&period80
C220A C2100 63&period50
C220AL C2102 63&period50
C220AH C2100H 63&period50
C220AHL C2102H 63&period50
C224A C2120 seventy six&period20
C224AL C2122 76&period20
C224AH C2120H seventy six&period20
C224AHL C2122H seventy six&period20
C232A C2160 a hundred and one&period6
C232AL C2162 one hundred and one&period6
C232AH C2160H one hundred and one&period6
C232AHL C2162H a hundred and one&period6

Double Pitch Stainless Steel Chain