Standard Roller Straight Side Plate Chain for Palm Oil Industry

Standard Roller Straight Side Plate Chain for Palm Oil Industry

This variety of straight facet plate chain is made for chain conveying purposes in sugar creating industry. Usually made of stainless metal and alloy steel supplies, this sugar market use conveyor chain provides higher resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and impacts. On this webpage, we demonstrate you some models of our straight side plate chain with tensile toughness in between seventy two.three and 635KN, and rated doing work load amongst eight.two and 36.9KN.

For much more than twenty many years, we have concentrated on personalized chains.

For far more than twenty several years, We have carried out hundreds of diverse sorts of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of personalized chain expertise.

Listed here are some of the kinds of the chains.

Chain No. Pitch P (mm) Internal width of internal website link b1 (min) (mm) Outer diameter of roller (bushing)D (max) (mm) Pin Aspect plate Min. tensile power Q(min) (KN) Rated operating load (KN) Weight for every meter q (kg/m)
d (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm) variety h (mm) t/T (mm)
P77.5 77.5 31.7 sixteen 39.5 forty seven.five D 38 8 188 eighteen.three 10.3
DC SS39 78.1 37.eight 31.seventy five 15.88 41.eight 46.three D 38.1 eight 213 10.4
# P80 80 35 23 sixteen 38.nine forty four.6 D forty eight 240 29 nine.34
DC 0904 a hundred and one.six 29.three fifty.eight seventeen.46 31.1 forty seven.4 A forty four.5 8 178.4 21.six 13.16
US 101.six one zero one.six 31.eight fifty seven.fifteen 15.88 34.four 38.4 B/C 38.1 6.four 72.3 eight.2 11.67
US127 127 38.four sixty nine.eighty five 19 fifty one.4 B/C 50.eight nine.six one hundred eighty twenty.3 19.22
*DC 514 152.four sixty nine.eighty five eighteen.9 forty five 49.3 A/D fifty.8 nine.five 250 28.two 17.2
*DC C 514 3 152.4 38 seventy six.two 23.eighty three forty seven.1 fifty four.9 A 60.three 10.three 622.3 21.88
DC C 514 3S 152.4 38 seventy six.2 23.83 47.1 fifty four.nine D 61.nine 10.3 635 36.9 22.2
*DC 1796 152.four 37.eight 69.eighty five seventy six.two seventy three 22.23 forty three.9 53.two D 57.two 9.5 444.5 33.3 eighteen.5 19.five 19.2
*DC C 514 1 152.4 sixty nine.85 18.9 forty four.9 50.3 A 57.2 nine.5 377.nine 28.2 eighteen.seventy four

*chains: The pin and bushing are available in two substance possibilities that are carbon steel and stainless steel.
#chains: Bushed chain without having roller

Associated Names
Substantial Tensile Chain Metal Mill Conveyor Chain Single Pitch Chain

The chain & sprocket package tends to make for a simple but extremely effective mix. These elements are an integral element of logistic equipment, materials dealing with tools, and other kinds of automated mechanical assemblies. Renowned for sturdiness and dependability, DONGWU can offer future buyers with exceptional chain transmission solutions. 
As an skilled Chinese transmission chain producer, we offer you a vast selection of products including the engineering course roller chain, conveyor chain, elevator chain, fall solid chain, welded steel chain, and sprockets. Also available are specialised chains for sugar and palm oil industries. The sturdy engineering ability of DONGWU has assisted numerous a customer with the powerful layout of exclusive items. YWIN orders with pre-connected drawings and samples can be accommodated. We will formulate corresponding blueprints and await the production confirmation. Truth-much more than forty% of our annual production price can be attributed to personalized merchandise with non-normal specs. 
Included in 2000, we have since manufactured significant strides in the improvement of manufacturing techniques. A full company administration system enables us to successfully recruit new abilities even though establishing new kinds of engineering and conveyor chains. By way of progressive YWINment, we have emerged as the foremost designer and company of nonstandard conveyor chains in mainland China. Our exceptional status has allowed us to achieve entry into the National Chain Transmission YWINizing Engineering Committee of China.


Standard Roller Straight Side Plate Chain for Palm Oil Industry