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Power Lock

Power Lock


Lock device, keyless locking device, clamp power lock, Power Lock, Locking Assembly, Locking device is a keyless shaft-hub locking devices for connecting hubs and shaft with high torque transmission, are linker used between shafts and pulley, which can replace the single key and spline.

They can transmit torque through a set of tightening screw with high strength, which can make the required clamping force between the inner rings and shaft, also between the outer ring and hub. It’s easy assmebling and diassembling.

They have a good interchangeablity. The screw are with high strength.

Power lock have many item

We produce by CNC machine

Their main material is superior steel.

After machining, they will have smooth and beautiful surface, have long life time and high strength.

Screw tension is converted into radial pressure to create an interference fit for zero backlash and high contact pressure for transmitting greater torque. It is self-centering for even, concentric tightening. It expands to fill the gap between shaft and hub for easy installation and removal, and the friction fit eliminates damage to the shaft caused by hub movement. The axial hub can move during clamping for positioning the shaft. This high-torque shaft locking device is suitable for use with compressors, conveyors, flywheels, gearboxes, reducers, and mixer shafts, among others.