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Clamping Shaft Collars

Clamping Shaft Collars

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One of the simplest and consequently most overlooked components in the power transmission industry is the shaft collar. However, the importance of the shaft collar is demonstrated through the widespread use of these components. Shaft collars can be found in virtually any type of equipment. They are used by themselves for various applications, including mechanical stops, locating components and bearing faces, and are frequently accessories to other components to create assemblies for many types of power transmission equipment including motors and gearboxes.

EPT has recently developed and manufactures quick-clamping shaft collars. These new shaft collars are uniquely designed with a low-profile integral clamping lever, in contrast to the typical approach of employing separate single or double tangential screws. The collars are ideally suited for quick positioning adjustments in light duty stationary or low-rpm rotating shaft applications with frequent setup changes or adjustments, or in situations where the use of tools is not practical. Quick-clamping collars do not mar the shaft.