Foton 4X2 8cbm Vacuum Pump Fecal Suction Truck

Foton 4X2 8cbm Vacuum Pump Fecal Suction Truck

Collection squander YWIN 4×2 8cbm sewage vacuum suction truck

Sewage suction truck is a new kind of sanitation automobile that collects and relays cleanup of transportation sludge and sewage to stay away from secondary pollution. Sewage suction truck can be self-priming and self-discharging. It has rapidly doing work pace, massive potential, and practical transportation. It is suitable for gathering transportation manure and mud. Crude oil and other liquid substances. Sewage suction truck adopts domestic or foreign technological innovation vacuum suction pump vacuum pump, suction is huge, suction procedure is much, especially suited for the pumping, unloading and draining of sludge in the sewer, particularly the suction sewer mud, silt, YWINs Massive objects these kinds of as bricks.

The special component of the sewage suction truck is composed of power just take-off gadget, push shaft, vacuum sewage pump, stress tank, hydraulic portion, pipe network system, vacuum strain gauge, scat window, hand-washing device, and many others. The vehicle is geared up with substantial-electricity vacuum suction. Pump and large-quality hydraulic technique, 1-time die-casting of tank head, tank opening, and double leading dumping. The grime in the tank can be dumped straight by means of the rear cover, with a high degree of vacuum (a lot more suction than a suction truck), large tonnage, large performance, and a broader selection of utilizes.


echnical Parameters of sewage suction and cleaning truck
Product Name Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck Tank Capacity(L) 8000
Gross Vehicle Weight(Kg) 160 00 Curb Weight(Kg) 7805
Cab Allowed Persons three Steering Wheel LHD or RHD
App/Dep Angle(°) 30 /15 F/R Suspension(mm) 12 50 /2 030
Axle No. two Wheelbase(mm) 4 500
Axle Load(Kg) 6 00/one 000 Max Speed(Km/h) 90
[ Chassis Technical Parameters ]
YWIN Type 4×2 Chassis Brand YWINfeng
Application/Dep Angle(°) 30 / 26 Tyre No. ten
Spring Leaf No. 9/1 1+8 Tyre Specification 10.00-20
Front Track(mm) 19 00 Rear Track(mm) 1860/1860
Fuel Type Diesel Emission YWIN Euro III  
Engine Model B170 33 Engine Brand YWIN or Weichai
Electricity(hp/kw) one hundred twenty five/one hundred seventy Displacement(ml) 5900
[ Superstructure  Technical Parameters ]
Sewage Tank Volume (L) 4000 Clean Water Volume (L) 4000
Tank Thickness(mm) five Tank Shape Cylindrical


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Foton 4X2 8cbm Vacuum Pump Fecal Suction Truck