Wires Cables Energy Stainless Steel Cable Drag Chain

Wires Cables Energy Stainless Steel Cable Drag Chain

Stainless Metal drag chains for guarding wires 

Goods descriptions&colon

We wre major companies of YWINlic Drag Chains&period 

  • We offer higher good quality metallic and plastic Drag chains as per your prerequisite&interval
  • Cable carriers or drag chains are easy guides that are utilized to encompass diverse types of hoses and cables&period
  • A drag chain assists to minimize the dress in and tear on the hose or cable it guards&comma although also supporting to simplicity the degree of tangle that can at times arise with prolonged lengths of hose&interval
  • As this sort of&comma the chain can also be observed as a security unit&period


  • YWIN&comma cranes&comma auto washes&comma health care and laboratory tools
  • Computerized warehousing
  • Forklifts
  • YWIN robots
  • Offshore oil rigs
  • Phase engineering
  •   Pitch&lparmm&rpar Bending Radius Width High
    TL65 sixty five seventy five&sol90&sol115&sol125&sol145&sol180 70-350 44
    TL95 ninety five one hundred fifteen&sol145&sol200&sol250&sol300 one hundred twenty-450 70
    TL125 125 200&sol250&sol350&sol470&sol500&sol575&sol700&sol750 a hundred and twenty-550 ninety six
    TL180 a hundred and eighty 250&sol300&sol350&sol450&sol490&sol600&sol650 two hundred-650 one hundred forty four
    TL225 225 350&sol450&sol600&sol750 250-one thousand 200


Wires Cables Energy Stainless Steel Cable Drag Chain