Weihua Pcy Vertical Mobile Stereo Parking Equipment

Weihua Pcy Vertical Mobile Stereo Parking Equipment

WEIHUA PCY Vertical Mobile Stereo Parking Gear

This vertical cellular stereo parking tools brings together the positive aspects of vertical lifting, horizontal motion and roadway stacking parking products. Automobiles can go rapidly in horizontal and vertical course through the lifting system.
It has a lot more parking areas in a single layer than tower parking equipment. 6-ten parking areas in 1 layer, and its max layer could attain 16.In this PCY parking products, the common space only occupies one.2m² for parking one particular sedan. When compared with horizontal motion and roadway stacking parking gear, it truly is much smaller sized, and its area utilization rate is much larger.
No far more than 90 seconds to park or fetch a car, this PCY parking products can be commonly employed in banks, lodges, hospitals, govt organizations, faculties and residential areas.Characteristics

1, Closed-sort structure, risk-free and reputable.

2, Latest generation of comb-tooth variety dealing with robots, successful and practical.

3, Driving in and out with constructive course, usual and easy.

4, Loading capability of one particular parking place can attain 2.35t, which is ideal for sedans and a lot more than ninety five% sort of SUV.

PCY Vertical Mobile Stereo Parking Equipment (10 layers)
Car YWINtity 95
Occupy Space L*W*H=17800mm*9200mm*21500
Layer Height First Layer 2800mm for big SUV
Second to forth 2350mm for SUV
 Fifth to tenth 1950mm for Sedan
Max Time for Take Out Car  Average 90 seconds
Operation Interface Automatic Identification+Remote Control or App+Put Button
Control Method PLC Control ( Schneider )
Service Time More than 30 years, and more than 40 years after enhancing corrosion protection
Power Supply 3 Phase 380V 50Hz or Design


Weihua Pcy Vertical Mobile Stereo Parking Equipment