SUS304 5ton Grease Reactive Mixing Tank

SUS304 5ton Grease Reactive Mixing Tank

Solution description:

Overview of reactor

Goal and qualities of the reactor

The reactor has the advantages of higher temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and robust production potential.

Ii. Structural points of the reactor

The reaction pot is composed of pot human body, pot cover, stirrer, heating jacket, supporting and driving system, shaft sealing device, and so forth.

The pot physique and the pot go over are related by sealing flange, the reduced portion of the pot human body has feeding gap, the pot has a stirrer, the pot cover open feeding, stirring observation, temperature and stress measurement, steam extraction fractionation, safety vent and other method tube holes.

On the heating jacket of the reaction kettle, there are pipe holes for temperature measurement of oil and exhaust (steam), vent steam valve, electric powered bar and so on.

Due to the diverse creation technology and functioning conditions, consumers can speak to our factory for distinct needs on pot protect engineering this kind of as opening, mixing type (slurry sort, anchor sort, frame type, screw sort, and so on.), supporting sort (hanging kind or bearing variety) and packing sealing.

The reactor is primarily employed for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation, evaporation, germicidal storage and other production processes in drugs, chemical industry, meals, all-natural flavoring, food additive and light sector.The reactor can be made of SUS304, SUS316L and other stainless steel components.Agitator has anchor variety, frame type, paddle sort, turbine sort, scraper sort, combined type, rotating mechanism can undertake cycloid needle wheel reducer, can satisfy the specific demands of a variety of materials.Stepless speed reducer, sealing unit can use mechanical seal, heating cooling can use jacket, half pipe, coil, Miller plate and other structures, heating signifies of steam, electric powered heating, warmth conduction oil, to fulfill the acid resistance, higher temperature resistance, dress in resistance, corrosion resistance and other diverse doing work surroundings approach needs.Can be designed and manufactured according to the demands of consumer method.

Description of the main structure of the reactor

The reactor is primarily composed of the interior tank, jacket, agitator and supporting seat (the thermal insulation framework can be adopted in accordance to the technological requirements).

one. The inner tank is produced of stainless steel (SUS304, SUS316L or SUS321) as necessary by the approach. The inner surface is taken care of with mirror sharpening.

two. The jacket shall be created of stainless steel (SUS304) or carbon metal (Q235-B) as necessary by the procedure.

3. Ideal diameter to top ratio layout, personalized mixing device as requiredThe stirring shaft seal adopts the pressure-resistant sanitary mechanical sealing gadget to keep the doing work pressure in the tank and avoid the substance leakage in the tank from creating unneeded pollution and material reduction.

four. The supporting sort shall undertake the hanging ear sort or the landing leg sort according to the procedure demands.



SUS304 5ton Grease Reactive Mixing Tank