Stainless Steel Roller Chain with Wa2 Attachment

Stainless Steel Roller Chain with Wa2 Attachment

Stainless Steel Roller Chain With WA2 Attachment 

Merchandise Detail:

Simplex  roller chain,hefty duty roller chain,triplex roller chain and so on

We own the sophisticated tools and the YWINd engineering, this sort of as: 
1. CAD Designer
two. Wire Slicing YWIN
3. Chain Working In YWIN
four. Conveyor Furance
5. Ball Drift
six. Shot Peened Parts
7. Design and style Of Url Plate Waistline
Packaging accprding to the customers’ needs
To make the clients’ satifaction is our huge aim and subject matter.

Pack Detail:

Firm Profile:

TAI is a single of a professional exporter with exporting POWER TRANSMISSION Elements: Roller chains,transmission Chain,conveyor chains,stainless steel chains, agricultural chains, metal removable chains, specific chains, sprockets, s. S. Sprockets, HRC couplings, pulleys, bushes etc. All these goods have been provided regularly to World Wide for more than 15 a long time. 

Pitch                            (mm) Roller Dia                                             (mm) Width among internal plate                (mm) Pin Dia                                             (mm) Internal Plate depth                            (mm) Plate Thickness                         (mm) Final tensile strengt
Fat Per Meter                   (kg/m)
25SS 6.35 3.three three.eighteen 2.31 6. .8 2.5 .fifteen
35SS 9.525 five.08 four.77 3.58 9. 1.three five.five .33
40SS 12.7 seven.ninety five 7.85 3.96 twelve.two 1.five .sixty three
41SS 12.7 seven.77 6.25 three.fifty eight nine.91 1.3 6. .forty six
50SS 15.875 ten.16 9.4 5.08 15.09 two.06 15.three one.03
60SS 19.05 eleven.ninety one twelve.57 five.ninety four eighteen. two.44 21.8 1.fifty one
80SS twenty five.four fifteen.88 fifteen.seventy five 7.ninety two 24. three.26 38.9 two.6
100SS 31.seventy five 19.05 eighteen.9 9.53 30. four. 59 3.94
120SS 38.1 22.23 25.22 eleven.1 35.7 4.8 72.5 5.seventy two
140SS 44.forty five twenty five.four twenty five.22 twelve.7 forty one. 5.six ninety four. 7.7

Stainless Steel Roller Chain with Wa2 Attachment