High pressure micro-oil screw air compressor

High pressure micro-oil screw air compressor


Medium pressure air compressor has application,which provides solution for the compression of air to various kinds of industrial gases

                                 PET bottle blowing                             Medical industry                                Industrial gases                                  Marsh gas collection


                                 Aerospace industry                             Shipping industry                               Gasoline gas collection                       Petrochemicals

                                                                                            Food industry                                      Pharmaceuticals industry

HZPT First recommend is two stage compression screw air compressor, with small vibration, low noise, less leakage, high efficiency but with the same graet power gas production.
The development of the secondary compression screw air compressor to fill in the blank of domestic and international, the product has been widely used in industrial production and the military, defense facilities. CMN/G series high pressure micro-oil screw air compressor parameter

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