Nylon Nn500 Rubber Conveyor Belt Chain

Nylon Nn500 Rubber Conveyor Belt Chain

Montreal ZMontreala Yongli New Materials Co., Ltd.

Our firm and Egypt Global Conveyor Engineering (Co., Ltd.) has completed the production of the 1st stage of the rubber conveyor belt manufacturing plant in Cairo New YWIN Park, The next section of the task-conveyor belt growth and the manufacture of motorcycle tires is being in development.
Our items certificated on intercontinental and domestic standards such as Germany (DIN), Australia (AS), United Kingdom (BS), Japan (JIS), South Africa (SANS), the United States (RMA) and international standards (ISO) have been exported to Europe, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, Russia and Japan and South Korea and the Middle East
The business relying on Sinochem and Sinochem New Resources Screening Laboratory has strong technological and administration power and Powerful R&D crew, We can handle and ensure the quality for our clients by employing YWINd laboratory tools and screening methods in screening and manage the raw components, semi-finished merchandise
We can generate all sorts of large-power metal wire conveyor belting, Layered polyester nylon material core conveyor belting,Heat resistant belting, Abrasion resistant belting, Patterned belting, corrugated sidewall belting,bucket elevator conveyor belting, Common flame retardant belting,whole main conveyor belting numerous distinct belting rubber dam, farm animal rubber sheet and rubber Shaped parts products.

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Technical Parameters

Belt type Fabric design N/mm Go over thickness(mm) Quantity of canvas layers Body width(mm) Manufacturing length(m/roll)
Solitary layer longitudinal tensile strength Best cover  Bottom cover 
Cutton canvas conveyor belt CC-fifty six 56 one.5-12 1.five-ten 2-10 300-4200 two hundred-700
Nylon conveyor belt NN100 100 one.5-12 one.5-10 two-ten three hundred-4200 two hundred-seven-hundred
NN150 one hundred fifty one.five-twelve one.five-ten 2-10 three hundred-4200 two hundred-700
NN200 two hundred 1.5-twelve 1.five-10 two-ten three hundred-4200 200-700
NN250 250 one.five-twelve 1.5-10 2-10 300-4200 200-seven hundred
NN300 300 1.five-twelve 1.5-10 two-10 300-4200 200-700
NN400 400 1.five-twelve 1.five-10 2-10 300-4200 200-700
NN500 500 1.five-12 one.five-ten two-10 three hundred-4200 200-700
NN600 600 one.5-twelve one.five-10 two-10 300-4200 two hundred-700
Polyester conveyor belt EP-one hundred one hundred 1.5-twelve one.five-10 two-10 300-4200 two hundred-seven-hundred
EP-a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty one.5-12 one.five-10 2-ten three hundred-4200 two hundred-seven hundred
EP-two hundred two hundred 1.five-twelve one.5-ten two-10 300-4200 two hundred-seven-hundred
EP-250 250 1.5-twelve 1.5-ten two-10 three hundred-4200 two hundred-seven-hundred
EP-300 three hundred 1.5-twelve 1.5-10 two-10 300-4200 two hundred-700
EP-four hundred four hundred one.5-twelve one.5-ten 2-ten 300-4200 two hundred-seven hundred
EP-five hundred 500 1.five-twelve 1.five-10 two-10 300-4200 two hundred-700






Nylon Nn500 Rubber Conveyor Belt Chain