Multi – Size Electric Wafer Clip Butterfly Valve

Multi - Size Electric Wafer Clip Butterfly Valve

Quebec zMontreali Valve Co.,Ltd ia an integrity valve manufacturer, which has its very own foundry, matching store, and  assembly line. As a outcome, we can management the general quality by ourselves and assure supply time. Our principal products are gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve and management valve. Also, we can offer valve parts, such as valve human body, disc, seat, stem and spare elements. Our butterfly valve satisfies to the international regular like GB, ANSI/API, DIN as nicely as client’s particular specifications. The butterfly valves have satisfied with heat reception based on exceptional quality, excellent shipment and timely shipping and delivery time all in excess of the globe. We have been exported to Korea, Japan, Singapore, France and so on. We await your consultation and visit.

Wafer Sort Butterfly Valve

one. Size: DN50-65 DN80 DN100-600
two. Entire body: Solid iron/Ductile iron/Solid steel
three. Disc: Ductile iron/Stainless steel/Aluminum Bronze
four. Seat: Nitrile rubber/ EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)/ PTFE (Poly tetra fluoroethylene)/ Fluororubber
Nitrile rubber: Outstanding oil resistance, higher wear resistance, good heat resistance, powerful adhesion.
EPDM: (one) Minimal value and high cost functionality
(2) Superb aging resistance. When used with each other with other unsaturated diene rubbers these kinds of as NR, SBR, BR, NBR, and CR, EPDM can act as a polymer antioxidant or anti-getting older agent.
(three) Outstanding chemical resistance, acid, alkali, detergent, and so forth. polar oil resistance.
(five) Wide application temperature range
PTFE: Excellent chemical security, corrosion resistance, sealing, large lubricity and non-stickiness and excellent resistance to ageing. High temperature resistance, minimal temperature resistance. Corrosion resistance, inert to most chemicals and solvents, resistant to powerful acids and bases, drinking water and various organic and natural solvents.
Fluororubber: Higher temperature resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance
5. Available with handles, handbook gear operators and electric powered or pneumatic actuators.


Multi - Size Electric Wafer Clip Butterfly Valve