Motorcycle Spare Parts Transmission Short Pitch Roller Chain Sprocket Chain

Motorcycle Spare Parts Transmission Short Pitch Roller Chain Sprocket Chain

Motorbike Spare Elements Transmission Brief Pitch Roller Chain Sprocket Chain 


Chian No. Pitch Roller diameter Width in between internal plates Pin diameter Pin duration Interior plate depth Plate thickness Supreme tensile power bodyweight per meter
415 12.7 seven.77 4.76 three.6 eleven 1.two six.86 .32
415H seven.seventy seven four.seventy six three.96 13.1 twelve one.5 14.4 .55
420 seven.seventy seven six.twenty five three.ninety six fourteen.7 12 1.five sixteen .sixty four
420H twelve.7 7.77 six.25 3.ninety six 17 twelve two.03 sixteen .76
428 8.fifty one 7.seventy five four.forty five sixteen.7 eleven.eight one.six eighteen .7
428H twelve.7 eight.51 seven.eighty five 4.45 eighteen.8 11.8 2.03 20.6 .seventy nine
520 fifteen.875 ten.sixteen 6.25 five.08 seventeen.5 fifteen.09 two.03 26.five .89
520H fifteen.875 ten.sixteen 6.twenty five five.08 19.3 15.09 two.42 26.five
525 15.875 ten.sixteen seven.94 five.08 19.4 15 1.06 26.five 1.06
525H fifteen.875 ten.16 seven.ninety four five.08 20.five 15 1.2 27.four 1.2
530 fifteen.875 ten.sixteen 9.4 5.08 15.09 2.03 26.5 1.06
530H fifteen.875 ten.sixteen 9.four 4.08 22.1 fifteen.09 two.42 32.eight one.24
630 19.05 11.ninety one 12.fifty seven five.54 eighteen 1.8 31.eight one.5
630H 19.05 eleven.91 12.57 5.ninety four twenty five.nine 18 2.16 forty two 2.sixteen


Limited pitch
transmission roller chain
Double pitch
transmission roller chain
Leaf chain Flank contact
slient chain
08A forty 208A 2040 LH0822 BL422 SC3
10A fifty 210A 2050 LH0823 BL423 SC4
12A sixty 212A 2060 LH 514 BL434 SC5
16A eighty 216A 2080 LH0844 BL444 SC6
20A a hundred 220A 2100 LH0846 BL446 SC8
24A 120 224A 2120 LH0866 BL466 SC10
28A a hundred and forty LH 514 BL488  
32A one hundred sixty     LH1 514 BL522  
36A a hundred and eighty     LH1 514 BL523  
Double pitch
conveyor roller chain
conveyor chain
04B   C208A C2040 LH3234 BL1634 81X
05B   C208AL C2042 LH3244 BL1644 81XH
06B   C210A C2050 LH3246 BL1646 81XHH
08B   C210AL C2052 LH3266 BL1666 CA550
10B   C212 C2060 LH3288 BL1688 CA555
12B   C212AL C2062 LH4 514 BL2 514 CA620
16B   C212AH C2060H LH4 514 BL2 514  
20B   C212AHL C2062H LH4034 BL2034  
24B   C216A C2080 LH4044 BL2044  
28B   C216AL C2082 LH4046 BL2046  
32B   C216AH C2080H LH4066 BL2066  
40B   C216AHL C2082H LH4088 BL2088  

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Q: Are you a manufacture or a investing business?
A: We are a maker of wheel excess weight, tire valves and tire repair equipment ormachine given that 1992.

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A: Top quality initial is the precedence of our organization. We care the top quality extremely considerably during generation and ahead of shipping and delivery to client. Our merchandise has passedCE and ISO 9001. Our top quality is high variety but price tag is midumn range, We are manufacture so we help save a great deal of other value. We can understand your want the best good quality solution making use of the minimum cost. We assure our quality well worth each and every cent you spend.

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A: Sure. We can do OEM. We can print your model logo sticker on the product and also your developed drawing on the solution.

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A: Yes. Our complex can determine it out and estimate value for your reference.We can create dependent on your drawing and parameter.

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A: We provide 1 12 months guarantee and we will give much more easybroken elements before cargo. If any difficulty occurred and we are extremely sorry for that. But we will give required assistant and send out broken part to you

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A: We can accept T/T, western union and so on numerous techniques of payment. You can get in touch with us for more information.

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Motorcycle Spare Parts Transmission Short Pitch Roller Chain Sprocket Chain