Horizontal Single Stage Single Suction Cantilever Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal Single Stage Single Suction Cantilever Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Short introduction:

ZB sequence chemical method pump which includes ZBG(closed impeller variety), ZBK(semi-open up impeller variety) and ZBQ(fully-open impeller variety). It is an elaborately developed chemical approach pump of new era which absorbed the YWINd engineering of each residence and aboard,and eradicated the technical problems of IH and CZ chemical process pump,with the benefits of better anti-cavitation overall performance, steady sealing overall performance, smooth procedure and straightforward upkeep. The high interchangeability,reworking buildings and numerous anti-corrosive resources fulfill the needs of distinct apps,and therefore is widely used.


Flow rate: Q= 2~2050 (m³/h)
Total head: H=three~150 (m)
Pump speed: n=1450/2900rpm
Design temperature: T=-twenty~150ºC
Fluid s.g.: γ≤1.eighty five
Pump diameter: 50~350mm


  1. Conform to ISO2858(GB5662)and GB/T5656(equivalent to ISO5199)
  2. YWIN shaft of increased diameter, the bearing capacity of bearings is averagely increased by 75~one hundred sixty%, the life of bearings are tremendously extended.
  3. Forced internal cooling cartridge mechanical seal and big sealing chamber reduced the possibility of breakdown.
  4. Easy adjust method of pump rotor part to maintain low pressure of sealing chamber, to reduce the axial force,and therefore guaranteed the stable operation of pump.
  5. Several transforming designs enlarged the range of application of pump, increased the reliability of pumping special fluids.
  6. High interchangeability of pump parts reduced the cost on spares  parts for clients.


  1. Single stage,single suction,horizontal centrifugal pump. Bracket structure for bearing parts, the bearing housing is supported by the bracket. The axial displacement of pump rotor part can be adjusted by a special bolt. Closed impeller(ZBG type),semi-open impeller(ZBK type) and fully opened impeller(ZBQ type) are available.
  2. The impeller is connected with shaft by screw thread, an anti-vortex plate is adopted at the pump inlet to increase the reliability of pump.
  3. The impeller with rear blades is adopted to balance the axial force at the pump suction. And the gap between the rear blades of impeller and pump cover can be adjusted by a bolt.
  4. The pump structure is back pull type,the rotor part(impeller,shaft,shaft sealing and bearings) can be removed without dismantling the pipes during maintenance.
  5. The shaft sealing is cartridge mechanical seal, and can be customized as single mechanical seal, packing sealing and secondary impeller+packing sealing.



ZB series chemical process pump is suitable to pump clean fluids, fluids with small quantity of small particles and corrosive fluids. The fluids including: inorganic acid,organic acid, petrochemical fluids,organic compounds and other corrosive fluids. The ZB series pump is mainly applicable for:

  1. Refinery,petrochemical industries,coal mine process industry and low temperature projects.
  2. Chemical industry,paper-creating,paper pulp industry,sugar industry.
  3. Water treatment plant, seawater desalination projects
  4. Power plant
  5. Environment protection projects
  6. Vessel and offshore industries.


Horizontal Single Stage Single Suction Cantilever Chemical Centrifugal Pump