Horizontal Industrial Process Ah Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

Horizontal Industrial Process Ah Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

Biref introduction:
ZZ slurry pump is the accomplishment of a long time R&D,it acquired the prize of Science & Technology Development of Montreal Metropolis in 2009.It is optimized reliable – liquid two period circulation design of large effectiveness. There are numerous sealing varieties, transmission techniques,and anti-abrasion components for various programs. It is suitable to pump corrosive or abrasive slurries consists of solids,like concentrates,tailings,coal ash,coal cinder,mud,sediment…And it can perform in series if essential.


  1. Flow rate:Q=10~5000(m³/h)
  2. Total head:H=20~120 (m)
  3. Pace:n=490~2900rpm
  4. S.g.:γ ≤1.5 
  5. Temperature:T=~120ºC 
  6. Pump diameter:fifty~450mm


  1. Optimized solid and liquid hydraulic model design of high efficiency and energy-conserving.
  2. Thickened wetted parts design to improve the anti-abrasive ability and prolong pump life.
  3. YWIN duty shaft design,with better performance in strength.
  4. Reasonable bearing configuration and fully lubricated design ensures the long time and continuous operation.
  5. Suitable to pump corrosive or abrasive slurries contains solids,the mixture density of solids and liquid can be up to 60%. 
  6. Various sealing types to meet different requirements.
  7. According to the requirements of clients,it can work in series.


  1. Axial split bracket and double layer casing structure.
  2. Outer casing is vertical split structurepump outlet is able to be set on 8 different direction at 45° interval.
  3. Horizontal installation of big loading capacity.
  4. The jacket and guard plate as the lining,pump casing and pump cover is the frame.
  5. Shaft sealings: dynamic seal,packing seal and mechanical seal.
  6. Transmission: Direct coupled,V-belt drive,variable frequency drive,hydraulic coupling.

Structure drawing is as below

one. Bearing box 2. Bracket cover 3. Vice impeller chamber 4. Pump casing 5. Back guard board 6. Outlet pipe 
7. Jacket 8. Impeller 9. Pump cover 10. Inlet pipe 11. Front guard board 12. Vice impeller 13. Bracket 14. Shaft



  1. Mineral separation and tailings slurry conveying.
  2. Slurry conveying during the producing process of aluminum oxide.
  3. Conveying sewage contains solids in industries of thermal power,cement,steel,non-ferrous metal…
  4. Sewage and slurry conveying of other industries.

Overall performance:


Horizontal Industrial Process Ah Centrifugal Slurry Pumps