High Pressure Cleaning Sinotruk HOWO 4X2 10cbm Vacuum Sewage Waste Truck

High Pressure Cleaning Sinotruk HOWO 4X2 10cbm Vacuum Sewage Waste Truck

Higher force cleaning YWIN Howo 4×2 10cbm vacuum sewage squander truck

Sewage suction truck is a new variety of sanitation car that collects and relays cleanup of transportation sludge and sewage to steer clear of secondary air pollution. Sewage suction truck can be self-priming and self-discharging. It has quick doing work speed, huge capacity, and hassle-free transportation. It is ideal for accumulating transportation manure and mud. Crude oil and other liquid substances. Sewage suction truck adopts domestic or foreign technologies vacuum suction pump vacuum pump, suction is massive, suction method is significantly, particularly suitable for the pumping, unloading and draining of sludge in the sewer, especially the suction sewer mud, silt, YWINs Huge objects these kinds of as bricks.

The unique part of the sewage suction truck is composed of electricity get-off unit, generate shaft, vacuum sewage pump, pressure tank, hydraulic part, pipe network program, vacuum pressure gauge, scat window, hand-washing unit, and so on. The car is geared up with large-electricity vacuum suction. Pump and large-top quality hydraulic method, a single-time die-casting of tank head, tank opening, and double prime dumping. The grime in the tank can be dumped immediately by means of the rear go over, with a large diploma of vacuum (a lot more suction than a suction truck), massive tonnage, substantial effectiveness, and a broader assortment of uses.


YWIN responsibility Howo 4×2 substantial strain sewage suction truck
Model No. ZZ1167M4617C Axles two
G.V.W(Kg) 16000 Tank effective volume(m3) seven.5
Suppress weight(Kg) 10150 Total dimension (mm) 8480×2500×3250
Cab two passengers  Axles Load(Kg) 6000/10000
Emission YWIN  Euro III Front/rear suspension (mm) 1500/2380
Technique/departure angle (°) sixteen/fourteen Front/rear Tread(mm) 2 514 ,2041/1830
Wheelbase(mm) 4600 Max speed(Km/h) 85
Leaf of springs ten/nine+six Tire  11.00-20 18PR,eleven.00R20 18PR,12.00-20 16PR,12.00R20 16PR
Equipment box ten forwarders&2 reverse 
Braking method Provider brake: twin circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake :(crisis brake): spring strength, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust valve brake 
Motor Design Manufacture Displacement(ML) Rated Power(Lw)
WD615.92E YWIN 9726 196
Other info  Shimizu watertank volumn(m3) three Density(kg/m3) 800
sewage tank volumn(m3) 4.five Side protective unit materials Q235 carbon steel
Tanks dimension (diameter straight long x) (mm)  3300×1600 Rear protecting part dimension(WxH)mm 100×100
Terrain clearance(mm) 510 Score rotate speed(r/m) 1400
min rotate velocity(r/m) 1400 Max suction carry(m) >7
vacuum(mmHg) 500 Time for entire suction(min) <5


Sewage Suction Program
Sewage Tanker Ability eight cubic meters
Content Q235 higher tension steel, 5mm Tank human body and Stop Plate,
Dumping System Middle Tipper YWIN Managed Rear Door and Middle lifting.
Rear Door YWIN controlled with sewage drain pipe
Pump Substantial Effectiveness Weilong XD-65 Vacuum Suction Pump.
Pump Technique 100mmΦ suction pipe, suction time ≤5min, effective suction range≥8m,max vacuum diploma ≤15 Kpa, dump angle ≥45
Vacuum Force -.092Mpa
Sewage Pipe five meters Rubber Pipe (a single device pipe)
Other Elements H2o-gas separator,  Oil-fuel separator,  Four way valve,  Safety valve,  Anti overflow valve,  Anti overflow warning unit   


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High Pressure Cleaning Sinotruk HOWO 4X2 10cbm Vacuum Sewage Waste Truck