High Efficiency Horizontal Double Suction Centrifugal Split Casing Pump

High Efficiency Horizontal Double Suction Centrifugal Split Casing  Pump

Brief introduction:
ZSS collection axial split casing pump is a current product which absorbed the rewards of identical type pumps. It is a replacing product of outdated S sequence and SH sequence double suction pump. This current merchandise owns the features of far better hydraulic functionality,higher efficiency,steady procedure,more compact in measurement.


  1. Flow rate:Q=50~6330m3/h
  2. Total head:H=nine~160m
  3. Velocity:n=980rpm/2950rpm
  4. S.g.:γ ≤1.15 
  5. Temperature:T=-~105ºC
  6. Pump diameter:eighty~600mm


  1. Excellent energy-saving hydraulic models.
  2. Optimized hydraulic design,precisely casted impeller+casing+pump over and dynamic balanced impeller ensure the accurate performance of pump.
  3. Instead of traditional external circulation structure,a revolutionary design of sealing cooling and lubrication is adopted,which enables the complete internal circulation of cooling,lubrication and flushing.
  4. Internal sealing lubrication structure, the flushing to sealing system is more efficient.
  5. Straight line outline with stiffeners on pump cover,internal sealing lubrication structure,flexible structure design makes the pump more elegant.


  1. Single stage,double suction,axial split casing centrifugal pump.Double passage casing to reduce the axial forces.
  2. Both pump inlet and outlet are beneath the pump centerline,the rotary part can be removed from the casing without dismantle the pipelines.
  3. Shortened shaft and enlarged diameter of shaft design to increase the life of bearings and mechanical seals.
  4. Completely sealed shaft design,zero contact with fluids.
  5. Various materials of shaft sleeve to prevent the shaft from abrasion and corrosion.
  6. Both mechanical seal and packing seal are availablemechanical seal can be changed without dismantle the pump cover.
  7. Different rotation directions are available.

Structure drawing is as below


one.Pump casing  2.Pump cover  3.Impeller  4.Shaft  5.Shaft sleeve  6.Seal ring  7.Packing room  8.Packing gland  9.Bearing  10.Lock nut 11.Stuffing hole  12.Bearing gland



  1. It is suitable to pump clean water and fluids have close physical and chemical characters of water.
  2. widely used in sections of mining,city water supply,power plant water supply and drainage,farm irrigation and various water conservancy project.


High Efficiency Horizontal Double Suction Centrifugal Split Casing  Pump