General-Purpose Single Screw Pump for High Viscosity Liquid

General-Purpose Single Screw Pump for High Viscosity Liquid

Transient introduction:

The greatest characteristic of solitary screw pump is powerful adaptability to medium, secure stream, tiny force pulsation, high self-priming capability and stress of .six~ 1.2MPa, which can meet the distinct requirements of users for solitary screw pumps.


Flow rate: Q= 2~166 (m³/h)
Total head: H=~15 (m)
Pump speed: n=380/630/720/960rpm
Design temperature: T=-20~120ºC
Viscosity: three.~760mm²/s.
Pump diameter: 50~350mm


The one-screw pump is a new type of pump that performs on the principle of oscillating meshing quantity. The primary operating components are eccentric screw (rotor) and fastened bushing (stator). Because of to the unique geometry of the two parts, a separate sealing cavity is fashioned, the medium is uniformly propelled by the axial direction, the inside stream velocity is minimal, the quantity remains unchanged, and the pressure is steady, so that eddy present and agitation are not generated.



 Generally speaking, the solitary-screw pump can be utilised as a general-purpose pump. The managing velocity of the pump can be high or minimal. The rated stress of the outlet of the pump can be elevated with the amount of stages of the pump. For every single additional phase, the stress is enhanced by .6MPa. , so the scope of use is very vast.

1.  Environmental protection: the transportation of industrial sewage, domestic sewage, muddy h2o containing solid particles and brief fibers. It is specially suitable for products this sort of as oil-drinking water separators and plate and body filter presses.

two.  Shipbuilding sector: transportation of medium such as wheel base cleansing, oil h2o, oil residue, oil sewage, etc.

three.  Petroleum market: transporting crude oil, in afterwards oil fields, utilizing a screw pump to inject polymer into the formation to improve oil restoration.

4.  Medication, everyday: a range of thick paste, emulsion, a range of ointment cosmetics and other transportation.

five.  Food cMontreal sector: a range of viscous starch, cooking oil, honey, syrup, fruit pulp, butter, fish gizzard and its scraps.

6.   Brewing market: all types of fermented viscous liquid, distiller’s grains, grain goods, slag, numerous sauces, pulp and the transportation of mucilage containing substantial solids

7.  YWIN industry: spraying and conveying of cement mortar, lime slurry, paint and other pastes.


General-Purpose Single Screw Pump for High Viscosity Liquid