Enclosed Track Chain for Overhead Conveyor

Enclosed Track Chain  for Overhead Conveyor

Electrostatic spraying & toast suspension chain conveyor chain
Processing the non-normal chains by your drawing
overhead conveyor for powder coatingline

Chain Pitch P150

Chain maintenance and safeguards

Lines following the set up, examine no matter whether there is distinct seem transmission seat, alter the seat is versatile and scalable,Bend and carry component if there is a various audio, chain working jitter, if there is any abnormal ,make sure you ruled out.
After line normal procedure, in the chain of the straightforward friction point injection of solid high temperature grease,Soon after injection, using the cup-feed oiler and tanker injection large temperature lubricating oil .
Often examine the chain procedure and lubrication problem, use of inferior oil residue jam happened.
The chain or powder into the chain should be distinct in time.
bend and lifting parts must be replaced in a well timed manner.
Grasp the genuine temperature oven, can’t make the chain far more than standard temperature for a extended time operating.
The chain Can’t be manufactured procedure in the distortion of setting.
The procedure of the complicated surroundings and the little turning radius can make chain harm and deformation,
The design ought to think about the rationality of operation.

five tons common chain
Functions: The chain made for suspension conveyor ,
With big Angle of curved area, simple to set up, suited for standard circumstance

5 tons horizontal wheel heavy chain
Attributes: adjust the regular wheel to damaging weighty, to improve the bearing ability and put on resistance, extend service daily life, applicable to numerous curved or higher temperature in a generation atmosphere.

five tons of vertical wheel hefty chain
Features: adjust the vertical wheel to negative heavy, minimize the chain right after lifting angle when the resistance, boost the bearing ability and wear resistance, appropriate for frequent lifting or increased temperature in the production environment

five tons horizontal/vertical wheel weighty chain
Features: change the horizontal and vertical chakras are to bear the heavy, its bearing capacity and abrasion resistance for this variety of chain of solidifying, use to the circuit is quite complicated, hanging heavier workpiece and increased temperature generation atmosphere

Enclosed Track Chain  for Overhead Conveyor