Electrical Horizontal Single Stage End Suction Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Electrical Horizontal Single Stage End Suction Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Quick introduction:

ZXF little capability chemical method pump is a centrifugal pump of single phase,single suction and cantilever kind. It is mostly relevant for processes of petrochemical,chemical,artificial fiber,fertilizer,energy plant,metallurgy,foodstuff and medication…And it is suited to pump cleanse fluids,fluids of low temperature or high temperature,and corrosive fluids. Its style temperature assortment is -20ºC~150ºC. 


Flow rate: Q=1.6~6.3 (m³/h)
Total head: H=twenty~120 (m)
Pace: n=1450rpm/2950rpm
S.g.: γ ≤1.eighty four
Temperature: T=-20~150ºC 
Diameter: 15~32mm


  1. Comforts to API610,with high reliability,stability and long life.
  2. Special pump passage design to eliminate loss of second reflux,enables the high efficiency at small flow rate.
  3. Cone sealing chamber design with good self flush performance,simplified the auxiliary system of the mechanical seal.
  4. Big capacity oil reservoir and big oil reflux passage prolong the life of bearings. 
  5. YWIN duty shaft design with better strength performance.
  6. High universalization,standardization and interchangeability
  7. Various anti-corrosive material for different processes.


  1. Single stage,single suction,cantilever type chemical centrifugal pump.
  2. Both foot mounted and centerline mounted structure are availableRadial split casing.
  3. Bearings are adjustable rotary part installed in the bearing housing.
  4. Pump outlet on one side of casing.
  5. Mechanical seal is adopted as the shaft sealing.
  6. Direct coupled by claw type couplings or flexible couplings.



  1. Mainly applicable for processes of petrochemical,chemical,synthetic fiber,fertilizer,power plant,metallurgy,food and medicine…
  2. Suitable to pump clean fluids,fluids of low temperature or high temperature,and corrosive fluids.

Overall performance:


Electrical Horizontal Single Stage End Suction Chemical Centrifugal Pump