Collecting Liquid Substance Dongfeng 4X2 5cbm Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck

Collecting Liquid Substance Dongfeng 4X2 5cbm Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck

Accumulating liquid compound YWINfeng 4×2 5cbm vacuum fecal suction truck 

Sewage suction truck is a new variety of sanitation vehicle that collects and relays cleanup of transportation sludge and sewage to stay away from secondary pollution. Sewage suction truck can be self-priming and self-discharging. It has quick doing work pace, massive capacity, and hassle-free transportation. It is appropriate for amassing transportation manure and mud. Crude oil and other liquid substances. Sewage suction truck adopts domestic or overseas technological innovation vacuum suction pump vacuum pump, suction is massive, suction approach is much, specifically suitable for the pumping, unloading and draining of sludge in the sewer, specially the suction sewer mud, silt, YWINs Large objects these kinds of as bricks.

The unique element of the sewage suction truck is composed of electricity just take-off unit, push shaft, vacuum sewage pump, force tank, hydraulic portion, pipe community program, vacuum strain gauge, scat window, hand-washing system, and so forth. The car is geared up with substantial-electrical power vacuum suction. Pump and higher-high quality hydraulic method, 1-time die-casting of tank head, tank opening, and double prime dumping. The filth in the tank can be dumped directly through the rear cover, with a substantial degree of vacuum (a lot more suction than a suction truck), big tonnage, substantial effectiveness, and a broader variety of uses.


Cabin three passengers
General Dimension 7210x2240x2600mm
Gross Automobile Bodyweight 8275kg
Control Excess weight 5200kg
Loading Weight 2880Kg
Wheel Foundation 3800mm
Method/Departure Angle 24/10 degree
Engine CY4102four stroke, four cylinder in line Euro III
Motor horsepower 124HP
Displacement three,856 L(Diesel)
Max Driving Pace 99km/h
Gas Tank 120L
Tire 7.50-sixteen (six parts + one spare)
TANK Physique
Tank Capability 5CBM
Dimension 2100*1400mm(Length*Diameter)
Material Q235 higher stress metal
Thickness 4mm
Vacuum Suction Pump Product SK-6
Vertical Suction Assortment 9~10M
Movement Fee 1.5m³/min
Rubber tube 7M
Sufficient Vacuum, Sturdy suction, Steady Doing work, Effortless Procedure and Routine maintenance


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Collecting Liquid Substance Dongfeng 4X2 5cbm Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck