China Sk Brand Stainless Steel Chain for Industry

China Sk Brand Stainless Steel Chain for Industry

Product Drcription 

Our firm generates various sorts of large – power mining roller chain&comma lifting chain&comma binding chain and safety chain&period of time

The higher energy roller chain used in mining is employed for the transmission chain of scraper conveyor&comma conveyor and shearer&time period

YWINing chain&comma binding chain and protection chain are used in cement&comma ship&comma channel&comma wharf&comma transportation and other fields&semi What is more&comma we aslo produce several other chians in accordance with the United States&comma the United Kingdom&comma Germany&comma Japan and other intercontinental requirements&period 

Complex Parameters 

Rollor chain The finished   chain pitch -p Min&period of time Inner width -a  Max&period   Outer width -b Arc radius- r The experimental load Min&period breaking load
Specification – d&astp Straight edge diameter-d &lparmm&rpar &lparmm&rpar &lparmm&rpar &lparmm&rpar &lparmm&rpar &lparKN&rpar &lparKN&rpar
10×40 ten&pm0&period4 forty&pm0&period5 12 34 fifteen eighty five 110
100 a hundred thirty
14×50 fourteen&pm0&period4 fifty&pm0&period5 17 48 22 150 one hundred ninety
two hundred 250
18×64 18&pm0&period5 sixty four&pm0&period6 21 60 28 260 320
330 410
22×86 22&pm0&period7 86&pm0&period9 26 74 34 380 480
490 610
26×92 26&pm0&period8 ninety two&pm0&period9 30 86 forty 540 670
680 850
30×108 thirty&pm0&period9 108&pm1&period0 34 ninety eight forty six 710 890

In depth Pictures 

Chian Generating Approach


China Sk Brand Stainless Steel Chain for Industry