Cast Iron Mixed Flow Water Trailer Floo Diesel Pump

Cast Iron Mixed Flow Water  Trailer  Floo Diesel Pump

Transient introduction:
The hydraulic design of ZHH blended stream pump is optimized by CFD,with the advantages of secure,substantial efficiency,power-saving and lower operating price. The ZHH collection has complete specifications,its pump diameter is from two hundred mm to 900 mm,and consequently is able to fulfill the different capability of a variety of approach. It is ideal for the fluid circulation of ammonium phosphate and potash fertilizer process,and it is the most ideal pump for this kind of processes. ZHH combined flow pump can be also utilised in the related chemical purposes to kind the pressured circulation of huge stream of corrosive fluids with suspending particles.


Flow rate Q= 200~8300(m³/h)
Total head H= 5~19 (m)
Pump speed n=490~1450rpm
Fluid s.g γ ≤1.5
Fluid temperature: T=~105ºC
Pump diameter: T=~105ºC


  1. The hydraulic model is optimized by CFD,with excellent anti-cavitation performance.
  2. Elaborate design and manufacturing based on the fluid requirements of ammonium phosphate and potash fertilizer process,is able to satisfy various capacity requirements.
  3. The rotor part can be adjusted by the bearing housing,which enables the convenient method to recover the pump performance after slight abrasion of pump.
  4. Axial direction adjustable rotor part. The gap between the impeller and the front cover can be adjusted to enable stable operation at high efficiency.
  5. Pump diameter from 200 mm to 900 mm.A lot of real sales achievements for each specification. 
  6. The discharge direction can be customized based on the requirements of process.


  1. Horizontal,single stage,single suction,cantilever type,volute casing,direct coupled transmission.
  2. Back pull design. During maintenance,the rotor part plus the pump rear cover can be pulled out from the casing without dismantle the inlet and outlet pipes.
  3. Pump shaft sealing consists of dynamic seal and packing.
  4. Bearing housing is back pull structure,and connected to pump casing by pump rear cover.



  1. Fluid circulation of ammonium phosphate and potash fertilizer process.
  2. Forced circulation of big flow of corrosive fluids with suspending particles.

Overall performance:


Cast Iron Mixed Flow Water  Trailer  Floo Diesel Pump