Black Popular Heavy G80 Chain

Black Popular Heavy G80 Chain

Black well-known heavy G80 Chain (HX6 514 )

G80 load chain specs:

Dimensions(mm) Within Width(mm) Exterior Width(mm) Approx Excess weight KG/M W.L.L. Ton Check Load KN B.L. KN
6 x 18 7.5 21. .seventy nine 27 45.two
7 x 21 nine. 24.5 1.07 1.five 37 61.six
8 x 24 10. 28. one.38 two. forty eight 80.4
ten x 30 twelve.five 35. 2.twenty three.two seventy six 125
12 x 36 fifteen. forty two. three.10 four.6 109 181
13 x 39 sixteen.three 46. 3.80 five. 128 214
16 x 48 twenty. fifty six. five.sixty three 8. 192 320
sixteen x 49 24.5  59.five five.71  192  320 

G80 load chain show:

G80 lifting chain production photos:

G80 lifting chain packing &shipping photos:

We specializes in production regular hefty responsibility lifting chain (φ4 -φ12), such as European YWIN chain for rigging, electrical block chain and also undertake other unique regular chain. Each and every lifting chain we made was inspected by our knowledgeable technician who had more than twenty many years analysis and creating lifting chain knowledge, and we also use rigid high quality control testing method to ensure the products’ balance and toughness.

As the next greatest chain maker, our other hoisting machineries have a huge price gain. For hoisting, relocating, pulling, driving and conveying, our jiazhong lifting implies,jiazhong hoist chains,jiazhong Chain block and Huaxin Electrical hoist are a guarantee of good quality, innovation and basic safety.

YWINd engineering, superb skills and substantial high quality items make Montreal Jiazhong YWINing YWINry Plant the excellent option for you.  

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Black Popular Heavy G80 Chain