Big Industrial Ceiling Fan with 7 Meters Diameter and 1.5kw Gearbox Motor

Big Industrial Ceiling Fan with 7 Meters Diameter and 1.5kw Gearbox Motor

Solution description

The wind blown from massive industrial ceiling enthusiast feels like organic breeze program,the wind speed is just the ideal amazing emotion of human skin. Staff can feel the temperature difference 5-eight degree, provide personnel a appropriate functioning atmosphere in sizzling summertime,as a result improve the production effectiveness. 
Operate of the fan:
The supporter boost air exchange in an entire place, it truly is excellent streamlined design can produces 2-3m/s velocity a few-dimensional wind, and can make you feel like experiencing the all-natural breeze system.It promotes the dispersion of smoke, dampness, carbon dioxide and inadequate air with large particular gravity.So as to boost the good quality of operating location, create wholesome, dry and safe working setting, boost doing work performance.
It is convenience to be operated, manage program adopts the most current poleless frequency converter handle system.aside from of ease operation, the humanized operation interface also allows you take pleasure in the attractiveness of electronic and mechanic accomplish the life.

  1. Dehumidification

Since it can generate massive air volume, properly promote air circulation, so that the moisture is properly dispersed, greatly reducing the probability of difficulties this kind of as bedbugs, fungi and so on.
four)lovely and durable
Soon after complex surface therapy,the product can stay away from the ache of time period cleaning,the value-performance ratio is the greatest,the existence of every single supporter can get to much more than10 many years.

  1. power saving

The rated electrical power of the motor on the supporter is one.5KW,every supporter can protect a thousand square meter working area,eight hours for every working day, is just ten diploma electricity vitality intake,compared to common tiny fans and large power usage air condition, huge industrial ceiling fan can be referred to as model of vitality saving, can greatly minimize your operation value.
operating basic principle :
Huge ceiling enthusiast is a series of goods special developed for power saving,working surroundings enhancement. As we all know,refrigeration is not the only way to attain the result of cooling and comfort and ease. The spot of a supporter could blow is decided by the diameter dimension of it, but has nothing to do with its velocity.consequently, the industrial enthusiast with big diameter and minimal velocity combines all these attributes . 
Following years deeply research and exploration,by integrating oversea YWINd aeronautic technology,we Dai sen produced a sort of propeller blades with excellent efficiency,it conforms ongoing and silent breeze by slowly rotation.The huge quantity of airflow generated by its exclusive and higher productive blades drive down,as a result a nearly ideal propeller exhaust is made.      
It pushes big volume of airflow to the ground,and created particular high stage airflow shifting horizontally,hence generates a general air circulation.The gain is general ground protection and a few-dimensional circulation of air. 
The velocity of wind created by”Big industrial ceiling admirer”is about one-3m/s,entirely calculated in accordance to the very best feeling of cooling when the airflow go by means of human skin.also sturdy airflow can make men and women truly feel irritable,a sense of currently being blown directly,way too higher speed of airflow also helps make men and women dizzy,only the via the evaporation of skin brings together of breeze velocity,can beautifies people’s feeling of cooling.


“DAISEN”industrial ceiling admirer complex regular
Product Number ———————————————————-DS-7.three
Procedure manner ———————————————————Forward Run
Diameter ——————————————————————24 FT / 7.three Meters
Blade Design ————————————————————-  Airfoil/OP
Amount of Blades   ——————————————————-  6
Nominal Horsepower ————————————————  two. HP / one.5 kW
Hanging Fat (regular)  ————————————–  156Kg
Transport Bodyweight (Such as handle box, Mounting YWIN) (typical)   186 Kg
Optimum dB——————————————————————-sixty
(*dB Values Were Acquired by Testing. Distinct Apps/Installation values might fluctuate.

Performance (at max velocity)
Displacement (fwd, blowing down)  ———- 16800 CMM( m3/min)
Highest Velocity———————————————————–  50 RPM
Electricity Usage @ Max. Velocity ———————– 1.5 kW
Effectiveness @ one hundred% Max. Speed  —————————— 8.53CMM/Watt
Highest Powerful Location(may differ in accordance to distinct installation height, as properly as beneath hurdles)—-600-1400 m2
Common YWIN Spacing ——————————————–12-forty Meter

Mounting YWIN
YWIN Mount———————————
Common I-Beam Clamp w/ Swivel Joint and 250mm Fall
Glulam Mount (Optional) Brackets w/ Swivel Joint &200MM Drop

Additional Fall Extensions (Puyou)——— Up to 2m in 20cm Increments
gear motor  ——————————————————- CV40-thirty-1500
bearing construction ——————————————————- SKF weighty load bearing
design and style lifestyle ——————————————————-  12 many years
HP  ——————————————————-   2 / 1.5 kW
Ambient Running Temperature————-   -twenty C° to +40C°
Insulation Course ————————————– H
Protect Class——————————————IP 55
Operate Contition——————————————- constant S 1
Services Element—————————————- .eight/.seventy eight
Type ——————————————————– two-Phase Helical
Services Interval——————————————-synthetic gear lubricating grease,upkeep cost-free
Motor Handle Panel (MCP)
YWIN Energy and Max Amp Attract——————– –220V AC 2Ø (16A)   OR  380 AC 3Ø (20A)
power indicator light-weight——————————————————-fault/managing(pink/green)
RF Line Filter————————————-RF
Air Breaker————————————— Schneider 220V1Ø 16A  380V3Ø16A
VFD Motor YWIN Cable —————–RVV1*
Frequency Converter————————-
poleless frequency controller,(one380V/220V
Safety Parts
turnbuckle screw
mechanical anti-dropping construction
plastic coated steel cable
Blade Retainer Hyperlinks (six), Safety Cable, Guy Wires (Ceiling mount only)
large toughness screws and anti-skid nuts of eight.8,10.nine, twelve.nine quality for differnt buildings.
1 12 months part warranty on Motor,blade, YWIN & Handle Panel.

Merchandise model

  Design Voltage Electricity Diameter Max speed Volume Sounds quality Fat
Fengshen seires DS-7.3 220V/380V one.5KW seven.3M fifty 16800m³/min ≤60 156kg
DS-six.6 220V/380V 1.5KW six.6M fifty five 12862m³/min ≤60 151kg
DS-six. 220V/380V one.5KW six.0M 60 12261m³/min ≤60 148g
DS-five.four 220V/380V 1.5KW five.4M 65 11963m³/min ≤60 144kg
Fengxing sequence DS-four.eight 220V .75KW four.8M 75 10675m³/min ≤40 60kg
DS-4.two 220V .52KW four.2M eighty five 5213m³/min ≤40 56kg
DS-3.six 220V .40KW 3.6M ninety five 3326m³/min ≤40 52kg
DS-3. 220V .35KW three.0M 120 2673m³/min ≤40 48kg

Crucial element configuration

★drive device 

•Fengshen collection fan adopts Quebec /German gearbox motor

•Fengxing series adopts the industry’s 1st non carbon brush, huge torque, DC travel motor, replacing the standard motor pace reducer, realizing large integration, enhancing trustworthiness and transmission efficiency
★control device

•Fengshen sequence supporter adopts Quebec / Germany brand name inverter stepless velocity adjust (optional explosion-evidence controller) to configure circuit breaker overcurrent overload safety, cooling enthusiast and other parts

•Fengxing sequence enthusiast adopts a particular brush free of charge controller
★fan blade 

•The substance of the enthusiast blade adopts magnesium aluminum alloy T6 treatment, corrosion resistance, high energy, large toughness

•YWINd fluid simulation computer software CFD simulation and wind tunnel check, in line with aerodynamic anti exhaustion

•With the perform of hold off begin, the load and influence of the motor are significantly reduced, and the services life is lengthier


★Structure parts

•The structural parts are shaped by Q235B laser, bending the stiffener structure, and the thickest part is 8mm.

•Alloy steel higher power bolts and anti-skid nuts are utilised for the bolts.

•Steel wire rope and turnbuckle stress composition to stabilize the admirer in opposition to falling

• The integrated chassis can stop the danger of fracture, the coupling anti slipping composition can avoid screw flaws, the chassis can be dropped, the hole arrangement layout of plywood construction can stop sliding, the adjustable composition is suited for any installation situations, and the arc-shaped adjustable waistline hole can be modified to ensure the aircraft degree of blade chassis

Comparison of a few refrigeration techniques in a thousand sq. meter plant

Refrigeration method YWINtity Energy/device Tall electrical power Common comparison
Central air conditioner one 80KW 80KW The walls and doors and windows of the plant are required to be insulated. The expense of 1-time expenditure of the products is substantial, and the maintenance expense of replacing the filter component and introducing refrigerant is large
Traditional industrial fan 40 .3KW 12KW The installation of classic wall enthusiasts is constrained by partitions and columns. The energy strains of flooring supporters are scattered, which has likely security hazards. It is not protected for the hair of workers members to be mixed into the fan blades, which occupies a modest space and handles a quick support existence
seven.3M big industrial ceiling fan 1 one.5KW one.5KW Large protection location, prolonged provider existence, lower routine maintenance cost, set up does not occupy the workshop room, protection and environmental safety

The strength use of large industrial ceiling enthusiast is about 1 / 50 of that of central air conditioner and 1 / ten of that of classic industrial wall fan

***Ideal spots of set up: Any large ample structure of factory,sport middle,logistic place,auto restore workshops,grocery store, airport,deal workshop,animal breading sector,any types of corridor,as properly as health and fitness middle etc.
***Height of installation: “Fengshen” series products for six meters to 20 meters peak.
                      “Fengxing” sequence products for 3 meters to 6 meters height.
***Remedies for the a few major types of set up structures as over demonstrated photographs.

There are various types of building constructions. We supply you with the installation strategies of three common constructions (right figure):

Air circulation of the supporter

Common consumer programs



Big Industrial Ceiling Fan with 7 Meters Diameter and 1.5kw Gearbox Motor