Australian Standard Grade 70 Transport Towing Chain

Australian Standard Grade 70 Transport Towing Chain

Montreal Well Done Imp.&Exp. Co., Ltd —Chinese Producer, Supplier, Manufacturing facility.
An ISO 9001 qualified company, Lloyd’s register, specializes in the subject of lifting and hoisting products, webbing and round sling, ratchet tie down, lashing gear and cargo control series, chain and chain sling, wire rope and wire rope sling, substance managing, rigging components,and many others.

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G70 Transport CHAIN Package Requirements
CODE CHAIN Measurement (mm) Size (M) LC (kg) Wt. (kg) HOOK Variety
WD203200 6mm 6M 2300kg 5.26kg Get Hook
WD203200NH 6mm 6M 2300kg 4.8kg No Hook
WD203205 6mm 9M 2300kg 7.66kg Seize Hook
WD203205NH 6mm 9M 2300kg seven.11kg No Hook
WD203210 8mm 6M 3800kg 10kg Grab Hook
WD203211 8mm 7M 3800kg eleven.4kg Seize Hook
WD203211NH 8mm 7M 3800kg 10kg No Hook
WD203215 8mm 9M 3800kg fourteen.1kg Get Hook
WD203220 10mm 5M 6000kg 12.5kg Get Hook
WD203220NH 10mm 5M 6000kg eleven.1kg No Hook
WD203225 10mm 9M 6000kg 21.1kg Get Hook
WD203225NH 10mm 9M 6000kg 20kg No Hook
WD203230 13mm 9M 9000kg 35kg Seize Hook
WD203230NH 13mm 9M 9000kg 33.57kg No Hook
WD203314 8mm 6M 3800kg 10kg Claw Hook
WD203315 8mm 9M 3800kg 14.3kg Claw Hook
WD203320 10mm 6M 6000kg 14kg Get Hook
WD203320NH 10mm 6M 6000kg 12kg No Hook
WD203325 10mm 9M 6000kg 21.3kg Claw Hook

Merchandise Chain Dimensions Lashing Capability S R F Metres /100kg   Link Marking
  (mm) (tonnes) (mm) (mm) (mm)    
WD7-CA-06 514 6 2.3 6.three eighteen.8 21.six 116. DAWSON, 4344-two.3
WD7-CA- 514 seven.3 three. seven.3 23.eight 25.9 86.3 DAWSON, 4344-3.
WD7-CA-08038 eight three.eight eight. 23.eight 27. 68.9

DAWSON, 4344-4.

WD7-CA-10060 ten six. ten. 29.six 34.three forty five.five DAWSON, 4344-6.
WD7-CA-13090 13 nine. twelve.five 38. forty two.five 29.6 DAWSON, 4344-9.


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Of course, samples are available for you to test the quality.

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Indeed, all of our products was qualified before shipping. 

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We have different kinds of products which can meet different quality standard.
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Australian Standard Grade 70 Transport Towing Chain