Aopro 45*175mm Drag Chain Grain Conveyor Drag Chain German

Aopro 45*175mm Drag Chain Grain Conveyor Drag Chain German

Business Profile

Quebec Aobai Automation Technologies Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive business specializing in R&D, design and style, creation, and sales in Montreal, Quebec . It mainly makes all sorts of engineering drag chains, closed and semi-shut nylon drag chains, bridge drag chains, Mute drag chains, reinforced drag chains, conveyor chainplates, and different device tool equipment have applied for far more than 20 patents.

This merchandise is extensively utilised in a variety of equipment resources, such as manipulators, robots, woodworking machinery, foodstuff machinery, printing machinery, ceramic equipment, glass equipment, doorway and window machinery, numerous metallic processing tools, engraving and milling machines, engraving devices, etc. Different CNC machining centers.
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Item Depth

Item NO.# Materials DESCRIPTION MOQ Device      
         EXW FACTORY  PRICE  (USD/M)                             
ADS25.25.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of top:25mm 
within width:25mm
200 M four.68
ADS25.38.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside height:25mm              within width:38mm 200 M four.seventy eight
ADS25.fifty.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 within peak:25mm              inside width:50mm two hundred M 5.eighteen
ADS25.fifty seven.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside top:25mm              inside of width:57mm two hundred M five.35
ADS25.77.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 within peak:25mm              within width:77mm two hundred M five.seventy eight
ADS25.100.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of top:25mm              within width:100mm 200 M 6.11
ADS35.fifty.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of top:35mm              inside width:50mm 200 M seven.2
ADS35.60.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside top:35mm              within width:60mm 200 M 7.5
ADS35.seventy five.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of peak:35mm              inside width:75mm two hundred M seven.nine
ADS35.a hundred.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 within peak:35mm              inside width:100mm two hundred M 8.53
ADS35.125.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside peak:35mm              inside of width:125mm 200 M 8.97 hundred fifty.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside peak:35mm              within width:150mm 200 M sixteen.03
ADS35.a hundred seventy five.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of height:35mm              inside width:175mm two hundred M 18.23
ADS45.fifty.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside top:45mm              within width:50mm 200 M 9.53
ADS45.sixty.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of peak:45mm              inside of width:60mm 200 M nine.97
ADS45.seventy five.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside height:45mm              inside width:75mm 200 M sixteen.forty seven
ADS45.100.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of peak:45mm              inside width:100mm 200 M seventeen.five
ADS45.112.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside peak:45mm              within width:112mm two hundred M
ADS45.a hundred twenty five.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of top:45mm              within width:125mm two hundred M eighteen.eighty two
ADS45.142.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of height:45mm              within width:142mm two hundred M 19.eighty five
ADS45.a hundred and fifty.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside top:45mm              within width:150mm 200 M fourteen.seventy six
ADS45.a hundred seventy five.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 within height:45mm              within width:175mm 200 M 15.36
ADS45.200.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside peak:45mm              inside width:200mm 200 M sixteen.38
ADS45.250.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside peak:45mm              inside width:250mm two hundred M 35.6
ADS55.50.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 within top:55mm              inside width:50mm 200 M eleven.78
ADS55.sixty.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside peak:55mm              inside of width:60mm 200 M 12.89
ADS55.seventy five.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of peak:55mm              within width:75mm 200 M 13.78
ADS55.100.SK.R.N-TF nylon PA66 inside of peak:55mm              inside of width:100mm two hundred M 22.sixty four


(one)Applies in the celebration where reciprocating motion is used which has traction and defense to the created-in cable, tubing, the trachea, and conduit, etc 

(2) Drag chain has been widely used in the numerical management machine equipment, digital gear, YWIN machine, glass equipment, the injection molding equipment, robots, obese transportation equipment, automatic warehouses, and so forth.


PA66 Cable Drag Chain Manufacturing Approach

1.–Merchandise Advancement
2.–Mould Style–Mildew Processing
3.–Injection Molding Semi-Finished Goods
4.–Guide and Guide Assembly
5.–Merchandise Tests

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HOW WE Function

Are you a buying and selling business or factory?

A: We are a manufacturing unit.

How long is your supply time?

Generally, it is 5-ten days if the products are in stock. or it is 15-twenty days if the items are not in stock, it is according to amount.

Do you give samples? is it totally free or additional?

Yes, we could supply the sample for free of charge charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

What are your phrases of payment?

Minimum purchase amount: two hundred meters or far more than 1000 USD

Payment method: pay the total volume for less than 1500 USD orders,

35% in YWIN for a lot more than US$1500 orders, the harmony requirements to be compensated prior to loading.


Aopro 45*175mm Drag Chain Grain Conveyor Drag Chain German