Alloy Trencher Roller Conveyor Metal Transmission Chain

Alloy Trencher Roller Conveyor Metal Transmission Chain

Trencher Chain
Apart from the trencher chain, we also supply equivalent roller chains to match the software demands of a lot of other kinds of engineering equipment.
This series of transmission chain for trenchers is mainly used in soiled setting, and has substantial necessity on its efficiency in withstanding influence load. For optimized performance, we layout this item based mostly on simulated doing work atmosphere. Also, we give particular attentions to the design and style of every chain part so as to meet application demands flawlessly. The design and style particulars are presented underneath.
1. The product is made with improved hole among the bushing and the pin, as properly as the hole between the roller and the bushing. As a result, the flexible turning and rotation movements are ensured.
two. Owing to the optimized clearance in between the sidebar and the pin, as properly as the clearance between the sidebar and the bushing, the connection firmness between the sidebars and the pin/bushing is mostly improved.
three. The bushing with enhanced carburized depth assists extend the services lifestyle of the trencher chain.
4. Some putting on elements are challenging chromium plated to stay away from too swift surface abrasion.

Chain no. Pitch P(mm) Width of internal website link b1(mm) Sidebar Pin Diameter of roller d1(mm) Tensile toughness Q(min)(KN) Weight for every meter q kg/m
T mm h mm H mm d1 mm L1 mm L2 mm
2250GL-M 42.01 twenty five.two four.nine 31.8 26.9 29.4 22.23 a hundred and twenty 6.fifty seven
2250GL-M2 forty two.01 25.5 6.four 31.8 60.three 26.9 33.9 22.23 120 6.forty seven

Chain no. Pitch P(mm) Width of internal hyperlink b1(mm) Sidebar Pin Diameter of roller d1(mm) Tensile toughness Q(min)(KN) Fat for every meter q kg/m
T mm h mm H1 mm H mm E mm E1 mm E2 mm E3 mm d4 mm d2 mm L mm
2250GL-M3 forty two.01 twenty five.two 4.nine 31.8 33.three 60.three 69.8 41.3 2.nine twenty five.four 9.95 eleven.1 fifty six.3 22.23 120 seven.78

For far more than twenty several years, we have concentrated on personalized chains.

For a lot more than 20 years, We have accomplished hundreds of various varieties of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of custom made chain expertise.

Here are some of the types of the chains.

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The chain & sprocket package can make for a simple but extremely successful mixture. These factors are an integral component of logistic tools, material dealing with products, and other varieties of automated mechanical assemblies. Renowned for toughness and dependability, DONGWU can offer possible clients with fantastic chain transmission remedies. 

As an skilled Chinese transmission chain company, we offer a extensive assortment of goods which includes the engineering course roller chain, conveyor chain, elevator chain, fall solid chain, welded steel chain, and sprockets. Also available are specialized chains for sugar and palm oil industries. The robust engineering ability of DONGWU has assisted numerous a customer with the successful style of distinctive goods. YWIN orders with pre-connected drawings and samples can be accommodated. We will formulate corresponding blueprints and await the production confirmation. Simple fact-far more than forty% of our yearly generation price can be attributed to custom goods with non-regular technical specs. 

Included in 2000, we have since made substantial strides in the advancement of producing methods. A comprehensive corporate management method allows us to effectively recruit new talents although creating new types of engineering and conveyor chains. By means of progressive YWINment, we have emerged as the leading designer and producer of nonstandard conveyor chains in mainland China. Our outstanding track record has authorized us to gain entry into the Countrywide Chain Transmission YWINizing Technology Committee of China.

Alloy Trencher Roller Conveyor Metal Transmission Chain