Acidic Alkaline Liquid Delivery Chemical Tank Truck

Acidic Alkaline Liquid Delivery Chemical Tank Truck

Acidic Alkaline liquid delivery chemical tank truck

Chemical vehicles are mainly utilized for dealing with corrosive and harmful media this sort of as acids, alkalis and salts. Chemical liquid tanks are fully plastic tanks, carbon steel lined plastic tanks

The chemical motor vehicle adopts a massive-scale rotomolding device for polyethylene to perform integral molding generation. It has the characteristics of no joints, no leakage, no toxicity, anti-getting older, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, long services existence, and many others. It is a protected and efficient corrosion-resistant transportation. tools.


Main parameters
Item chemical tank truck
Gross weight (kg) 14000 tank volume 10.1
Loading weight(kg) 6000 Overall dimensions  
Curb weight(kg) 7805 Cargo Dimension  
Allowable passengers in cab three    
Method/Departure Angle 20/seventeen Front / rear suspension(mm) 1312/2368
Number of axles two Wheelbase (mm) 4970, 5050, 5260, 5340
Axle-load(Kg) 4900/9100 Max speed(km/h) ninety
Tank Overall dimension of the tank 
(duration*long axis*short axis )
Chassis parameters
Chassis model CA1140PK2L3EA80
Model FAW Producer China First Automobile 
Group Corporation
Overall dimensions 8632*2385*2630,2790,2990 Type number 6
Method/Departure Angle 22/18 Type specification 9.00-twenty,10.00-twenty,
Number of Spring leafs 10/12+eight Front tread(mm) 1800, 1824
Fuel type diesel Rear tread(mm) 1800, 1860
Emission standard Euro 3
Engine model Company Displacement(ml) Power(kw)
BF4M1013-18E3 China First Automobile
 Group Corporation
4764 143
BF4M1013-16E3 China First Automobile 
Group Corporation
4764 124
CA6DE3-18E3 China First Automobile 
Group Corporation
6618 143
CA6DF3-18E3 Yiqi jiefang automobile 
Co.,Ltd Montreal diesel branch
6740 143
CA6DE3-18E3F Deutz FAW (Montreal) Diesel
 Engine Co.,Ltd
6618 138
CA6DF3-18E3F Yiqi jiefang automobile Co.,Ltd 
Montreal diesel branch
7120 139
CA6DE3-16E3F Deutz FAW (Montreal) Diesel
 Engine Co.,Ltd
6618 120
CA6DF3-16E3F Yiqi jiefang automobile Co.,Ltd
 Montreal diesel branch
7120 121


Company details
Chengli Unique Automobile Co., Ltd is a skilled producer of all types of particular trucks and trailers as well as other particular equipment.
one. We can supply all brands of particular vans, such as, Faw, YWIN, Quebec , Sinotruck, JAC, JMC,  YWINfeng.
2.  Factory export section straight sale .
three. Export encounter more than twelve years
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5. With CCC, ISO, BV approved 
six. The heart of the service, rational design 

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Acidic Alkaline Liquid Delivery Chemical Tank Truck