8ton Grease Pressure Jacketed Mixing Tank

8ton Grease Pressure Jacketed Mixing Tank

Solution description:

Overview of reactor

Goal and qualities of the reactor

The reactor has the positive aspects of higher temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and strong production potential.

Ii. Structural points of the reactor

The response pot is composed of pot human body, pot protect, stirrer, heating jacket, supporting and driving system, shaft sealing unit, and so forth.

The pot physique and the pot include are related by sealing flange, the reduced part of the pot body has feeding hole, the pot has a stirrer, the pot cover open up feeding, stirring observation, temperature and pressure measurement, steam extraction fractionation, safety vent and other method tube holes.

On the heating jacket of the response kettle, there are pipe holes for temperature measurement of oil and exhaust (steam), vent steam valve, electrical bar and so on.

Owing to the different generation technological innovation and operating situations, users can get in touch with our factory for distinct specifications on pot include engineering this kind of as opening, mixing sort (slurry kind, anchor sort, body type, screw sort, etc.), supporting kind (hanging variety or bearing sort) and packing sealing.

The reactor is mainly used for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, distillation, evaporation, germicidal storage and other production processes in drugs, chemical sector, foodstuff, organic flavoring, food additive and light industry.The reactor can be created of SUS304, SUS316L and other stainless steel resources.Agitator has anchor type, body kind, paddle kind, turbine type, scraper type, merged type, rotating mechanism can adopt cycloid needle wheel reducer, can meet up with the unique needs of numerous supplies.Stepless speed reducer, sealing device can use mechanical seal, heating cooling can use jacket, half pipe, coil, Miller plate and other constructions, heating implies of steam, electric powered heating, warmth conduction oil, to meet up with the acid resistance, high temperature resistance, use resistance, corrosion resistance and other various working surroundings method wants.Can be made and created in accordance to the demands of customer method.

Description of the major composition of the reactor

The reactor is primarily composed of the interior tank, jacket, agitator and supporting seat (the thermal insulation framework can be adopted according to the technological demands).

one. The interior tank is made of stainless steel (SUS304, SUS316L or SUS321) as essential by the method. The inner floor is handled with mirror sprucing.

two. The jacket shall be manufactured of stainless steel (SUS304) or carbon steel (Q235-B) as needed by the process.

three. Suitable diameter to height ratio style, customized mixing system as requiredThe stirring shaft seal adopts the force-resistant sanitary mechanical sealing unit to keep the functioning force in the tank and stop the content leakage in the tank from creating needless air pollution and content loss.

4. The supporting kind shall undertake the hanging ear variety or the landing leg variety according to the operation requirements.


5ton grease reactive tank parameter

No Merchandise identify            Specification,product,material 
1 Electrical power provide 440V 60Hz three-phase
2 volume 5000L
3 Interior tank Ø1800*1760*6mm.The decrease oval head is welded to the cylinder physique, and the interior is mirror polished, Materials SUS304.
4 jacket Ø2000*1660*6mm..Weld bottom with oval head.Exterior style coil cooling.The substance of Q235.
five Best go over  Plat protect,open up layout
5 motor Propeller motor:11kw.
Anchor motor:18.5kw.
six Shaft rotate velocity Propeller shaft:35RPM
he anchor shaft:22RPM
7 shaft seal Scattered shaft:PEFT
8 controlling

8ton Grease Pressure Jacketed Mixing Tank