604 G4 Attchment Palm Oil Conveyor Chain with Bent Plate

604 G4 Attchment Palm Oil Conveyor Chain with Bent Plate

Hollow Pin Kind Palm Oil Conveyor Chains


Palm oil mill chain is a single sort of conveyor chains.It is the conveyor tools which can express the palm fruit to squeeze equipment to make palm oil.The palm oil is main first from Malaysia and Indonesia,So the palm oil mill chain is primarily exported to these two nations around the world. Together with escalating for the palm oil use,the exported quantity of palm oil mill chain is also enhanced quickly.  Palm oil mill chain has numerous sorts.The major sort is straight plate solid pin palm oil mill chain and hollow pin palm oil mill chain.It is typically assembled with prolonged pin and nut.The adhere to sheet is Gelin brand palm oil mill chain technical information of primary specification.



Pitch Width among interior plates Roller diameter Hollow Pin Plate Final tensile strength




Weight for every meter
P b1 D(max) d1(min)    d2 L1 L2 Variety h t/T Q(min) q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm KN KN kg/m
4×15000HP 101.6 18.nine forty seven.sixty three 13.one 19.5 24.2 24.eight A forty 5/six sixty six.seven 4.three six.ninety two
4×26000HP one zero one.6 19.05 47.sixty three thirteen.two 19.five 24.three twenty five.three B 39.4 five.1/6.three 115.six 7.four six.90
6×36000HP 152.four twenty five.4 sixty six.seven twenty.7 26.9 28.8 29.4 B fifty.eight 5.one/7.1 200 thirteen ten.02
6×36000-N1 152.four 25.four sixty six.7 20.7 26.9 29.3 31.4 B fifty.8 7.1/seven.one two hundred thirteen ten.seventy five
6×36000HHP 152.four 25.four sixty six.7 twenty.seven 26.nine thirty.8 31.six B fifty.8 six.four/seven.eight two hundred 13.9 10.86
8×45000HP 203.2 38.one 88.9 22.eighty five 30 forty 44.two A 61 eight 280 19.3 17.27



604 G4 Attchment Palm Oil Conveyor Chain with Bent Plate