4 Ton H Automatic Chain Grate 4000kg H Biomass Coal Fired Steam

4 Ton H Automatic Chain Grate 4000kg H Biomass Coal Fired Steam

Q: How to get the best cost swiftly?

A: We require to know the boiler potential, the fuel you program to use and the steam strain you need, and then we can verify the boiler design. YWINer needs to supply us your name, e mail address and firm name, and then we will ship you price tag checklist instantly.

Q: What about the installation and commissioning?

A:Following you receive the boiler, we will have specialists to get there at the web site for boiler installation and commissioning. Following boiler commissioning, we will also supply cost-free instruction for boiler operators of your business.

Q: What fittings do you have for boiler installation?

A: The consumer wants to go away the company name, electronic mail address and name, and we will quickly deliver you the detailed checklist of set up components for the boiler product you want.

Q: What installation components do we need to put together?

A: We will supply comprehensive installation content listing to your electronic mail according to diverse boiler versions.

Merchandise parameters

Boiler kind Evaporation capability Pressure  Gasoline Thermal efficiency  Diemension(m*m*m)
DZL1-one.-T 1T/H one.0Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 5488*2000*2832
DZL2-one.twenty five-T 2T/H one.25Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 5694*2550*3364
DZL4-1.twenty five-T 4T/H 1.25Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 6470*2820*3668
DZL6-one.twenty five-T 6T/H one.25Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 8244*2951*3550
DZL10-one.25-T 10T/H 1.25Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 7700*3200*3500
DZL15-one.twenty five-T 15T/H 1.25Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 7650*3350*3500
DZL20-1.twenty five-T 20T/H 1.25Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 7665*3800*3565
DZL30-1.25-T 30T/H one.25Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 7942*2440*2550
DZL40-1.25-T 40T/H one.25Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 9568*2036*2568
DZL65-two.five-T 65T/H 2.5Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 9000*2440*2594
DZL80-two.5-T 80T/H 2.5Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 9600*2900*2594
DZL100-two.5-T 100T/H two.5Mpa Biomass/Coal >80% 9620*2900*2698

Crucial parameters
The crucial parameters

NO Identify Unit Number Description
one Rated output t/h 1  
2 Rated doing work energy Mpa one.  
3 Rated steam stress ºC 184  
4 Heating spot m*m 39.4  
five Grate location m*m 1.nine  
6 Layout fuels / Biomass,coal,rice husk…  
7 Bulk dimension mm 3900×1840×3120  

The crucial parameters

NO Identify Device Quantity Description
1 Rated output t/h 2  
2 Rated doing work energy Mpa one.25  
three Rated steam strain ºC 194  
4 Heating location m*m 73.6  
5 Grate area m*m three.74  
6 Layout fuels / Biomass,coal,rice husk…  
seven Bulk measurement mm 4500×2240×3320  

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4 Ton H Automatic Chain Grate 4000kg H Biomass Coal Fired Steam