2184 Sugar Mill with A42 Attachment Conveyor Chain

2184 Sugar Mill with A42 Attachment Conveyor Chain


Offset Hyperlink Chain for Sugar YWIN

The offset website link chain is designed with substantial abrasion, influence, and corrosion resistance to meet the application needs in sugar producing market. Its facet plates are bended but with paralleled ends. Both hot bending and chilly bending techniques can be used for facet plate processing. The adoption of YWINd bending die, coupled with enhanced good quality inspection, tends to make sure the bending of facet plates comes with no cracks. Therefore, the offset sidebar chain will not split easily below hefty load circumstances.
Manufactured making use of stainless metal and alloy steel supplies, our offset url chain for sugar industry delivers minimum tensile power alternatives in between 250 and 900KN, and rated operating load choices from18 to 85KN.

DC 2184   DC 8184  DC C2614    DC 514 three  all avaliable

Chain No. Pitch P (mm) Internal width of narrow stop b1 (min.) (mm) Outer diameter of roller (bushing) D (max.) (mm) Pin Sidebar Min. tensile strength Q (min) (KN) Rated functioning load (KN) Bodyweight for each meter q (kg/m)
d (mm) L1 (mm) L2 (mm) h (mm) T (mm)
*#SS100D 100 33.27 33.27 17.27 38.four forty eight.6 44.five 8 200 seventeen.8 10.forty seven
DC 1125 a hundred and one.6 32.six 50.8 17.5 37.9 45 fifty.eight 7.nine 210 eighteen.26  
*DC D2184 152.4 34.nine seventy six.two 22.23 43.9 51.two fifty.8 nine.five 355.six 31.six seventeen.seven
DC W1796 152.4 37.8 sixty nine.85 22.23 forty four.two fifty two.nine fifty seven.two 9.five 444.5 31.six 18.fifty nine
DC 514 3 152.4 38 seventy six.2 23.83 47.1 54.9 sixty.3 ten.three 622.3 36.one 21.83
DC 8184 203.two forty five.nine 88.nine twenty five.4 59.7 65.eight sixty nine.9 twelve.7 742.four 47.six 29.2
DC C2614 304.8 sixty nine.eighty five sixty three.5 31.75 seventy eight.five 84.5 88.9 15.nine a thousand 84.five 33.68

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2184 Sugar Mill with A42 Attachment Conveyor Chain